As a fully mobile service organization with trained and experienced staff, SLM can set-up at your site and complete your project from start to finish! Our extensive fleet of mobile equipment, shears, material handlers, balers and large volume containers, trailers, scows and floats enable us to handle any size job and transport all types of scrap metal material to various markets within North America. What’s more – we’ll pay top dollar for your material and can offer advances with written contracts.

Scrap Processing

SLM can perform an on-site inspection and work with you to organize your yard, process your end-of-life materials, as well as load and ship direct to the consumer. We supply trained, qualified staff and the necessary equipment, reducing your on-going overhead.

Looking for the greatest return on your investment? We can also stockpile your scrap until you’re ready; to ensure you realize the highest value for your material.

  • Multiple car crushers & balers
  • Wide variety of shearing equipment
  • Dozens of material handlers
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Rail Services, E-Railsafe Certified Employees

  • Derailment Cleanup: 24/7 mobile response to assist in clearing railway tracks, removing damaged rail cars, recovering assets and handling material spills.
  • Onsite processing & loading
  • Scrap car processing & handling
  • Obsolete rail & OTM pick-up
  • Car balancing
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Mobile Material Handling, Grading and Sorting

Did you know that mixed scrap yields the lowest possible return? SLM understands metal values. We can dispatch the right tools and manpower to efficiently sort your scrap metal, process your obsolete equipment and materials and accurately grade it; getting you the best possible return.

  • Dozens of various material handlers
  • All equipment outfitted with mag grapples
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Car Crushing and Baling

With mobile crushers and balers, SLM can remove your scrap car and metal accumulations quickly and process them efficiently, freeing up space at your facility. We can work with prepared (i.e., tires, batteries, oil and coolants removed) or unprepared auto bodies. Compressed inventory means hassle free transportation of material and reduced fuel costs with more materials per load. Our magnet-equipped scrap handling cranes also ensure a clean job site. Some of our custom-built trailers feature a clam-shell design to fully enclose the load – saving time in load preparation and improving job site safety.

  • Multiple car crushers & balers
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SLM can work on-site to process, load and ship your scrap metals safely and efficiently, using late-model, well-maintained equipment. Our shears range from stick to LaBounty 2000R–4500R shears. They can be mounted second and third member on many of our Liebherr excavators.
Key partnerships enable us to purchase your materials at very competitive prices – so clients benefit from minimal downtime and a simplified, streamlined transaction process.
We also have extensive demolition experience and can process various grades of metal buildings and concrete bridges.

  • More than a dozen mobile shears in various size configurations
  • Shears available in second & third member configurations
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Truck and Rail Transport

SLM understands that freight costs are one of the biggest variables in the industry. That’s the reason why we purchased and use a large and varied fleet of transportation equipment. They include roll-off bins, high volume dump, scow, walking floor and compactor trailers, to name a few. We also have a privately owned fleet of high capacity railcars that we can route to any siding throughout North America.

  • 25 trucks
  • 60 trailers
  • 30 high capacity gondolas
  • 100’s of roll-off bins
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Tire Collecting, Hauling and Processing

With a versatile truck and trailer fleet, our Welland-based processing site and vast knowledge in materials handling, SLM can offer quick inbound and outbound shipment turnaround – making us the definitive leader in tire collection and hauling.

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Self-Serve Auto Parts – U-Pick - Welland

SLM’s self-service automotive parts lot gives hobbyists and do-it-yourself mechanics the opportunity to pull usable parts from vehicles at a greatly reduced price. Yard staff can answer questions and guide customers, ensuring that they remove parts without damaging the vehicle.

U-Pick Auto Parts

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Our Services Include:

  • Site clean up and scrap processing
  • Rail Industry - derailment clean ups and car load rebalancing
  • Materials Retrieval - Separate, Sort, Recover, Process, Ship & Sell
  • Car Crushing, Baling, and Shearing
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Tear Outs and Demolition
  • U-Pick Auto Parts - Self Service Auto Parts Facility
  • Transportation Freight Handling
  • Tire Processing, Handling and Hauling
  • 'Mobile' Material Handling, Grading and Sorting