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MORE than Recycling

Recycling is one way that SLM helps our clients reduce their environmental footprint. Not only is it good business, it’s good citizenship too. We ensure the wellbeing of future generations by diverting materials from our landfills and repurposing obsolete, end-of-life items and materials extracted from commercial and residential demolition projects.

THE UPSHOT – services that result in reduced emissions and energy usage along with sustainable use of our limited resources.

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Rail Industry

  • Canada Wide
  • Derailment Cleanup
  • Asset Disposal
  • End of Life Railcar purchasing
  • Process & Marketing
  • Obsolete Rail & Spikes purchasing
  • Car Loading
  • Off Loading or Trans Loading at SLM or anywhere
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All Household Metal Items and Electronics Accepted and Processed at Exceptional Rates

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  • End-of-Life Plane Decommissioning
  • Hangar Teardown
  • Tower and Maintenance Equipment Demolition
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  • Production Scrap Generation Purchasing
  • End-of-Life Machinery Tear Out and Removal
  • Building Demolition
  • General Yard Clean-up and Material Handling
  • Steel Mill Services
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  • Restaurant Tear-out
  • Laundry Retail & Maintenance Obsolete product purchasing
  • Mall (Line Removal, End-of-Life Equipment)
  • Automotive Shops & Retailers
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Agricultural Industry

  • End-of-Life Farm Implements
  • Silo and Barn Demolition
  • Miscellaneous Scrap Metal Clean-up
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Municipal Recycling Facilities


  • Post consumer cans
  • UBC’s
  • All loose ferrous and non ferrous items
  • Tires
  • Obsolete equipment


  • Customs solutions to improve quality and density
  • Roll off service
  • On site material handling
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  • Scrap Metal Handling
  • Processing and Hauling
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SLM provides services to a wide range of sectors including residential, commercial, agriculture, transportation and industrial clients.

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Our Services Include:

  • Site clean up and scrap processing
  • Rail Industry - derailment clean ups and car load rebalancing
  • Materials Retrieval - Separate, Sort, Recover, Process, Ship & Sell
  • Car Crushing, Baling, and Shearing
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Tear Outs and Demolition
  • U-Pick Auto Parts - Self Service Auto Parts Facility
  • Transportation Freight Handling
  • Tire Processing, Handling and Hauling
  • 'Mobile' Material Handling, Grading and Sorting

Watch SLM Loading the Huron Spirit Barge: